Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How to set up Sony PS2 EyeToy as webcam for Skype and Yahoo Messenger

This is a very simple fix for setting up Playstation2 EyeToy as a webcam for newbies on OSx86 (10.5.8). I don't know if this will work for you so only do this at your own risk... To make things easier, I've included a step by step photo tutorial.


Go to maccam and download the current version.

Open or drag the webcam icon to the Application Folder. Drag the maccam.component to the folder on the right (drag component into here).

Open Finder, go to User (your name), go to Library.

Go to Chaches folder.

Go to QuickTime Folder.

Right click your mouse on top of QuickTime folder and Copy "QuickTime".

Go back to User (your name), right click your mouse and paste the "QuickTime" folder.

Now you have a copy of QuickTime...

Open up QuickTime folder and see/check the contents. Make sure that maccam.component is inside the folder.

Connect your EyeToy webcam to your computer. From Applications, drag maccam to your dock or just launch it to check if EyeToy has been detected.

Click the "Play" button and hopefully EyeToy will be able to see images.

Close maccam and lauch Skype. Go to Skype's Preferences, General, Audio/Video. Hopefully you'll see  maccam #0: Sony Eye Toy (2) on the camera pane and the video image from the EyeToy webcam.

Close Skype and launch Yahoo Messenger. Click the webcam icon on the lower left to see if EyeToy has been detected and if not, go to Preferences and do the same thing as with Skype.

And again, I don't know if these procedures will make your EyeToy function in Skype or Yahoo Messenger in your computer. I spent hours trying to figure this out and it worked for me. I hope this will work for you too :)

I have a real macbook and I love OS X and this is why I often try 0Sx86 on different computers that I have collected. If you are an Apple fan like me, please consider buying real Apple products... Cheers!